To our Families,

Thank you for your patience as we navigate these new challenges with coronavirus. It has been heavy on our heart to have our patients wait for necessary care and we are anxious to serve. We are pleased to announce that we will be resuming patient care on April 27th. We have made preparations in conjunction with recommendations from the American Dental Association to ensure the greatest safety for our patients, families, and co-workers. In addition to the routine universal precautions we have in place for dental care (sterile instrumentation, surface disinfection with Cavicide disinfectant spray and wipes, high volume evacuation of aerosols, proper gloves, masks, eye protection, on-site laundered scrubs, and professional office cleaning and disinfection), we will also be implementing a few new processes to comply with the pandemic guidelines. These changes include:

1) we will limit the number of patients entering into the office
2) we will have a screening questionnaire for every individual that enters the office
3) every individual in the office will have a infrared body temperature scan. IF YOU ARE SHOWING SIGNS OF A FEVER, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER AND WILL BE DIRECTED TO ASH COVID-19 TESTING / SCREENING AREA.
4) every individual entering the office is require to wear a face covering. (We cannot provide face coverings, please plan ahead)
5) ONE parent may accompany the child patient. If two or more children are scheduled, only ONE family member will be permitted with all children and all scheduled siblings will be asked to wait in a designated chair in the hallway outside of the office. If you are not comfortable leaving your child unattended in the hallway outside of the office, we recommend rescheduling. PLEASE LEAVE SIBLINGS WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT AT HOME.
6) Dental staff will be wearing masks and eye protection continuously. You will be greeted and dismissed in a mask. Please prepare your child as this might be a little scary.
7) we will be monitoring the flow of patients thru the office and you may be asked to wait momentarily as stations clear.
8) waiting room will be set up for social distancing, you may be asked to wait outside the office before entering.

Thank you for taking this seriously. Your safety, your child's safety, and the safety of our dental team is of upmost importance to us. We cannot provide safe treatment without your help. Thank you in advance for your patience and your compliance. See you soon!

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